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Cacique Update-June 2nd, 2010

Caciques: Emma and Owen

To start off the day, we had a sleep-in. However, as typical Island School students and faculty, hardly anyone slept in– everyone was busy going free-diving and painting a mural in Deep Creek. After breakfast, we had our math final, which was based on the presentations from our Directed Study projects that had occured a few days ago. Another big event was our last Continue reading

Cacique Update – June 1, 2010


Caciques: Grace & Will

Morning circle was ambushed by a myriad of pirates. Pirate Remo hired us all to complete missions for him in our kayak groups. We had to find the golden conchs in the boy’s dorm beach wreck while fighting off a pirate in a kayak. We had to cross triangle cut playing waterpolo while being attacked by sharks  (both faculty and dog) in snorkeling gear. We had to cross girls’s dorm cut Continue reading

Cacique Update- May 24-25, 2010

We had the privelage of being the only caciques for two days… thats right. TWO! Hadley and Steven N. were the dynamic duo that kept this place running for an entire 48 hours, that’s the same amount of time your children spent alone on a beach… but who’s counting?

Before we could kick it off as caciques, coffee house stole the show on Saturday night with a plethora of talent. The Island School band really knocked our socks off with their original mashups, Hey Ya, etc. The Continue reading

Cacique Update-May 18, 2010

Yesterday, despite the morose atmosphere, was a productive day on campus. Boys’ and Girls’ North Dorm participated in a free dive with Maxey at Cathedral Rock, while Boys’ and Girls’ South Dorm had a wonderful sleep in, which we were both active participants in (the sleep-in). After morning exercise, (if you will) we began two blocks of academic classes – literature & math – followed by a short research block where everyone received their Continue reading