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Exciting new additions to the farm

The much anticipated birth of 9 bouncing baby piglets happened this past Monday.  The event created quite a stir, as folks around campus organized a pool that included date of birth and number of piglets.  (The parameters were controversial, as it took considerable negotiating to work through the issue of live births vs. surviving piglets).  But in the end, Spencer and Annie split for the correct date, and Tiffany, Alex, and Noel all predicted the correct number of live births.  As master of all things farm and livestock on campus, Joseph was disappointed with his miscalculations.  But he vowed, with a sunny optimism only Joseph can muster, not to be outdone next time!

Equinox observed

Sunrise over Rock Sound on the March 20, 2010 Equinox. Because this photo was taken on the equinox, the Sun marks due east on the horizon

So I just wanted to share with you a little tidbit that I shared with the students the other day at dinner circle.  It starts with what should be a simple question:

Who can tell me why we call spring, “spring”?  Anyone?

I certainly didn’t know the answer until Continue reading

Ritual, Community and Coming of Age

In his cacique update last night, Peter elegantly described our end of orientation commencement ceremony.  And the poesy he employed for the day could not have been more apt.

To me, last night’s ceremony was an important ritual at a critical point in the semester–the students have just spent the past two weeks getting to know this place and each other.  They kayaked in the Continue reading