Cacique Update-May 26, 2010

During the final stretch of our semester we have projects in every class, and yesterday we worked on our human ecology final. These are supposed to be student made projects based on sustainablilty within campus, eleuthera or back home. They can be anything that creates change or benefits the community and focuses on a real world issue. For my project I am working with Halle Schaefer and Katie Leonard to paint a constellation mural in Deep Creek. Yesterday we made a lot of progress, because we almost have complete permission to paint it at the Deep Creek softball field and we started to plan the painting. Hopefully things will continue to go well, and we can paint the mural this weekend and have it be ready to Conch Fest.

-Olivia Millspaugh

As we wind down toward the end of the semester it is easy for everyone to forget that we still have many important projects to do. The Lionfish Human Ecology project is off to a strong start after a six fish capture a week and a half ago. Our objective is an attempt to raise awareness about the invasive nature of the Lionfish and help reduce their population on reefs by hunting them.  We will be presenting our information, and our fillets at the Deep Creek Conch Fest on the 5th of June.

-Will Drury