Cacique Update-May 18, 2010

Yesterday, despite the morose atmosphere, was a productive day on campus. Boys’ and Girls’ North Dorm participated in a free dive with Maxey at Cathedral Rock, while Boys’ and Girls’ South Dorm had a wonderful sleep in, which we were both active participants in (the sleep-in). After morning exercise, (if you will) we began two blocks of academic classes – literature & math – followed by a short research block where everyone received their constructive criticisms for the previous day’s presentations. After a baked potato & bean (yum…) lunch, 7th and 9th grades headed over to Deep Creek Middle School for Community Outreach to work on their projects with their buddies. The 8th grade remained on campus to continue working on their PSAs. After C.O, it was time for advisory!! Despite the cloudy weather / sporadic rainfall, everyone was able to spend some quality time with their advisory until dinner. After a spaghetti with meatsauce dinner, study hours were in session, where a lot of time was spent in research groups perfecting Parents’ Weekend Presentations. Then everyone went to bed, only to be swarmed by no-see-ums throughout the night :). It was a successful day on campus.

- Peter Sholley & Helen Bourdeaux