Cacique Update – June 1, 2010


Caciques: Grace & Will

Morning circle was ambushed by a myriad of pirates. Pirate Remo hired us all to complete missions for him in our kayak groups. We had to find the golden conchs in the boy’s dorm beach wreck while fighting off a pirate in a kayak. We had to cross triangle cut playing waterpolo while being attacked by sharks  (both faculty and dog) in snorkeling gear. We had to cross girls’s dorm cut with three hired pirates on top of a single sinking kayak and then we had to bury loot for Captain Sleepy-Snore-Pants. K3 completed the mission first and got to fill our pebble jar with 4 golden pebbles and some “magic water.” The magic water caused our pebble jar to fill with bubbles and because we “filled” it we are finally rewarded with a party. K3 is working to plan that party for this coming Sunday. The rest of the morning was filled with research where we worked on final posters symposium details. Human Ecology Final Project work followed lunch. We are all very near to finishing. R.E.E.F (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) gave us a presentation on the invasion of lionfish after dinner.