Cacique Update- May 24-25, 2010

We had the privelage of being the only caciques for two days… thats right. TWO! Hadley and Steven N. were the dynamic duo that kept this place running for an entire 48 hours, that’s the same amount of time your children spent alone on a beach… but who’s counting?

Before we could kick it off as caciques, coffee house stole the show on Saturday night with a plethora of talent. The Island School band really knocked our socks off with their original mashups, Hey Ya, etc. The heart-melting slideshow that was so seamlessly put together brought tears to everyones eyes and we couldn’t help but laugh at Andy Dahlstrom’s sentimental speech about how our emotions are comparable to dish soap.


Every member of the Island School community was overJOYed after spending a day with their parents exploring the island and invisioning their lives at home. It brought back sweet memories of our down island trips, and countless mishaps (shout out to Bam for getting lost in the caves :) ) It was hard to return to the dorms on Sunday night after our day of adventuring, but we all returned to our beds with full tummies and a head full of good memories.

DAY TWO! (thats right):

Today each student woke up with a little piece of their hearts torn out, Mommies and Daddies were loading back onto their planes to go back home and leave us here… again. Despite the fact that our parents abandoned us we had a typical amazing day at The Island School. The generous teachers doled out a sleep in to help us recooperate from a hard weekend of work. We disassembled all of the artwork from the gallery, turning it back into Boy’s Dorm common room. Students have been working hard to put together their math lessons next week and we’re all beginning to feel the stress of FINALS week. That’s right, we’ll be home in the blink of an eye (but not really). Super swim and the half marathon are creeping up on us. We skeptically welcomed a group of newcomers to join us in our battle of wits, formally known as the half marathon. Today was also David Miller’s birthday which we celebrated by recreating his life story, year by year around our circle. Past, present and a very exciting future. We wrapped up the day with a delicious brownie cake… Thank you all and goodnight.