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Congratulations…it’s a cobia!

Augie and Lea checking out the gobies

by: Team Acult Research- Augie Cummings and Lea Luniewicz

Gian Paul happily transfers baby cobia


Although we were down 3 scientist, Lea and Augie continued the research on the almighty sharknose goby. Earlier in the week we were on track to dive the cage, but despite Tyler’s heroic effort to save the day, we were without a boat. We recently received a small batch of 400,000  cobia eggs and spent all of Friday’s class separating out 8,500 cobia into a different tank.

The gobies are living it up in the pairing tank while some of those sly sharknoses have found their mates, and have moved on to better, more private real estate. They all seem to be getting to know each other better and some on more levels than others. All the color of the gobies have seemingly returned so physically they are looking pretty too. We believe that the guys indoors have been doing better because of the much more pleasurable environment. Until next time, stay classy South Eleuthera!

Interning at Cape Eleuthera Institute


We are interning in Flats Ecology research at the Cape Eleuthera Institute and learning so much about the effects of global climate change on many flats species such as, Queen and Milk conch, Checkered pufferfish, Blue crabs, Lobster, Schoolmaster snapper, and soon to come Cobia and Bonefish. We are often in the field perfecting our methods of capture and we assist in designing and constructing experiments to run tests on these various species. For example, we are testing the metabolic rates of most of these marine organisms in a respirometer. Working in the wet lab we’re exposed to the other research projects that are also going on with Aquaponics, Aquaculture, and Shark research. With Flats research, everyday is a new challenge providing the best experiential learning environment.

-Lauren and Tori

Editors Note: Interested in interning at Cape Eleuthera Institute?  Applications are accepted year round for internships in the following fields: open ocean aquaculture, aquaponics, permaculture, and outdoor education.  To find out more information or to submit an application, click here.

Shark Research Team Update

Morgan, Mickey, Peter, Hadley, and Maggie are setting the sampling line from which we hang 15 hooks. Mickey is clipping on one of the hooks while Peter examines one on the lines anchors.

The Shark research team members have been living embodiments of CEI’s favorite saying “If research was easy, everyone would do it.” Unfortunately, they’ve been having to learn it the hard way.  After three trips into Continue reading

Research at The Island School

Front entrance of Cape Eleuthera Institute

A lot of information has been thrown at students this week so they can learn the ropes of academics and living here.  On Wednesday they toured the Cape Eleuthera Institute and met the research project leaders who briefed them on the seven potential projects they can work with: aquaculture, flats ecology, patch reef ecology, aquaponics, archaeology, sharks, and energy.  Some of the students already got a taste of what research Continue reading