Shark Research Team Update

Morgan, Mickey, Peter, Hadley, and Maggie are setting the sampling line from which we hang 15 hooks. Mickey is clipping on one of the hooks while Peter examines one on the lines anchors.

The Shark research team members have been living embodiments of CEI’s favorite saying “If research was easy, everyone would do it.” Unfortunately, they’ve been having to learn it the hard way.  After three trips into the field, the shark team has still yet to catch a shark, but they are getting closer to a bite each time.  In our first trip, we didn’t see any sharks but we learned how to cut the bait, set the sampling line, and collect our data.  In our second trip, we watched as five lemon sharks swam right past our hooks only to disappear into the creek behind us.  Our third trip, we watched a larger unidentified shark swim along our sampling gear and break three of the fifteen baited hooks off our line.  Then, in the final minutes of our third trip, we started to see the line moving and the floats being pulled under.  Excitement overwhelmed us and we rushed to the line only to find that a Southern Stingray had taken the hook; not a shark.  At least we are getting closer to a catch and I am sure that we will get a shark next time.

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