Flats Research Update, April 17th

Today during flats we spent most of our time together working in the wet lab. We began our session in the fourth vault, and discussed our methodology paper and poster for Parents’ Weekend. While working in the wet lab we outlined the various systems that our lab

consists of. One of these systems is the acclimation procedure; a tank is used to adjust the fish to various changes that correlate with changes or stressors that may result from climate change. Today we also went through the process of weighing, volumizing, and transferring fish to the respirometer chambers. These chambers measure the amount of air consumed by the fish within the tubes. This involved transferring the fish from the acclimation tanks to the “cradle of love”, where we weighed the fish. The transfer was moderately successful, with only one fish being mishandled (*coughcoughMickeycough*). Unfortunately this fish can no longer be used in the test, wasting a week of acclimation and setting us back one fish. For this, Mickey is really really really really really distraught and sorry. Overall we are making great progress collecting data, navigating the wet lab and preparing our presentation for parents weekend.

Mickey, Sean, Jake, Makayla, Rennie, Kearney, Olivia