K1 and K2 have returned!

K1 stops on day 1 to learn about red mangroves

Sunday night, as we (K1) sat under the stars, Remo pointed out constellations.  The stars were shining brightly and with a laser pointer, Remo directed us to Orion, Canus Major, Taurus, Ursa Major, and several others.  I’ve lived here for over seven months, but I’ve never spent that much time looking up at the sky.  The students leaned back in their Continue reading

Cacique update – March 8, 2010

Yesterday was the second day of SCUBA week. We got to sleep in a little bit and everyone was on time to morning circle at 7:30 which means we are one pebble closer to a party! Yesterday all the SCUBA groups went out for two dives. In the morning, two groups saw a hammerhead shark at the Saddle, and in the afternoon another group got to also see the hammerhead. Most groups made it down to 35 feet at Tunnel Rock. From what we’ve heard everyone had a great experience diving and can’t wait to get back out today. Props to G-Rap!

-Maddie H. and Luke S.