A week of adventure begins.


K2 shows excitement about their 3-day kayak adventure

I awoke this morning to a howling wind and thought to myself “uh-oh”.  But by the time we gave K1 and K2 kayak trips a big group hug around the flagpole, the wind had already begun to settle

and the sun was rising strong across Rock Sound.  As Chris Maxey led a SCUBA psycho morning exercise, the kayakers experimented with different ways to pack their dry bags and boats with as much stuff as possible.  After breakfast, the kayakers were starting to head out on their 3-day trips, while the fledgling SCUBA divers leapt from the dock for their first underwater skills sessions.  So I grabbed my camera and ran to the docks to take a few pictures.  Enjoy!

K1 is on the water!
Day one of SCUBA training