Cacique Update- March 6th, 2010

Friday night and Saturday were like a breath of fresh air to The Island School. I felt like everyone had been holding their breath from the day we got here, and it took a rural Bahamian softball game on Friday night to get us to let it out. Last night and today got us to relax, and I think we all showed our true sides a little bit more. I think we all woke up feeling like we were late for something, but then realized it was our “Sunday,” because our real Sunday had been pirated by Scuba and Kayak agenda’s. Breakfast was optional, and more and more people we’re hitting the road on the beach cruisers, after graduating their level 1 bike classes. The day was not short on opportunity, with excursions to the Bahamian Junkanoo, free diving, and pretty much anywhere else in our exploration space. Giving us all a relaxed day of adventure, and giving us time recharge for the busy week ahead. If you’re reading this, you are loved and missed, and know that we are all safe and having a great time.
Wilson Cusack

As I stood around the dinner circle tonight, I realized that the 47 students I’ve been getting to know would not be together as one student body again until the end of the week.  This realization was bittersweet as I was excited to embark on my 3-day kayak trip, but also sad to leave the other students who were beginning their SCUBA certification process.  I continued looking around and noticed how relaxed everyone looked; we had a free exploration day to adventure out into the land beyond The Island School.  Some began their day with bike lessons, while others took full advantage of our sleep-in morning.  My favorite moment of the day was sitting in the sand at sunset beach.  I found serenity and calmness watching the sun blend and reflect against the waves.  Although free time was much appreciated today, we all look forward to our SCUBA and Kayak rotations.

Morgan H.