Cacique Update – March 9, 2010

Today, all 47 Island School students accomplished a very large task–becoming SCUBA certified or completing their first kayak exploration. Our community became one again as the kayak group pulled into the harbor, reuniting with their friends. The SCUBA groups all did open water dives, ranging in depths of 35 feet to 55 feet. For some, the accomplishment was a weight lifted off their shoulders and for others, the dive was a continuation of yesterday. Dinner circle saw everyone participating, each contributing one word as to what best summed up their past three days. Dinner itself, was a chance for everyone to reconnect again, sharing thoughts, advice, and stories, as everyone’s life was about to change again. Tomorrow, SCUBA divers and kayakers will switch as the entire community, once more, separates and goes their different ways, each on a life changing adventure.

Jake V.