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Williams College Spends Another January Term at The Island School

For the eighth year, Sarah Gardner of Williams College brought a January term class to stay at The Island School and research different topics. Last year, this class studied how agriculture on Eleuthera could be revitalized, and this year, continued that work by addressing three main issues: fruit and vegetable processing and slaughtering, increasing youth involvement in farming, and changing the packing house system. Local farming on Eleuthera plays a vital role in increasing food security and reducing import dependency, as well as providing economic opportunities for young people. The students remark:


“To better understand these issues, we conducted field research and interviews with restaurants, farmers, government officials, and high school students. Shaun Ingraham was instrumental in helping us set up interviews with high school students, Continue reading

Duck and Cover!

Not wanting to be overshadowed by the goats and gobies, The Island School’s resident ducks have added a dozen new faces to the farm this morning. The ducklings are enjoying their new home between the badelynge of females and the flock of chickens. At the moment of writing an ugly duckling has not been discovered in the brood.

Did anyone else learn a new word from this post?

Special Delivery

Introducing The Island School Farm’s six newest residents. In the past ten days six baby goats were born to three different mothers, increasing the number of goats living on the Cape to 11. Two were born little over a week ago with another two born last Saturday and the youngest two born on Monday. The kids are all doing well and adjusting to life on Eleuthera. Pictured are Moon, Shadow, Eli, Sunday, Flapjack, and Bonnie along with CEI staffers Al, Eric, Kelly, and Whitney as well as IS farmers Joseph and Noel.

Exciting new additions to the farm

The much anticipated birth of 9 bouncing baby piglets happened this past Monday.  The event created quite a stir, as folks around campus organized a pool that included date of birth and number of piglets.  (The parameters were controversial, as it took considerable negotiating to work through the issue of live births vs. surviving piglets).  But in the end, Spencer and Annie split for the correct date, and Tiffany, Alex, and Noel all predicted the correct number of live births.  As master of all things farm and livestock on campus, Joseph was disappointed with his miscalculations.  But he vowed, with a sunny optimism only Joseph can muster, not to be outdone next time!

Easter Ducks

“Rise up this mornin’; smiled with the risin’ sun.
Seventeen little birds pitch by my doorstep. . .”
-Bob Marley-

As the song lyrics suggest, we had quite a beautiful surprise on the farm this morning.  After spending a little over a month protecting and caring for seventeen little duck eggs Mama Duck finally gets to relax.  All of her eggs successfully hatched between 4:30 p.m. yesterday and 8:00 a.m. this morning.  We gently moved Mama Duck and Continue reading