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Cacique Update July 23, 2012

by Emily Rand


Only 12 days left! As we start to near the end of our 6-week experience here at the Island School, we are beginning to realize that sadly this will mean leaving each other and the memories we have made here. Yesterday we said goodbye to half of our group as they embarked on their second kayak trip, though slightly longer—a three day journey instead of two. Unfortunately it rained and thundered nearly all day, pausing only for a couple hours, so the 12 of us who stayed back are hoping our fellow kayakers are alive and well. Yesterday, after bidding farewell to the group, the rest of us stayed back and began work on our Legacy project—a tradition of The Island School; essentially a project that we do towards the end of our experience that Continue reading

Cacique Update July 22, 2012


From Caciques Isaac and Tristan

With the conclusion of the final academic week we have begun preparing for the Monster Run-Swim that will take place in a little over a week. Two days ago we were driven out to High Rock where we jumped into the ocean and swam a half mile to a beach where we climbed out and ran to No-Name harbor. We continued running and swimming all the way back to The Island School for a total of about five miles. On Friday night everyone was invited to a party at the Maxeys’ house. We were Continue reading

Summer Term Week 3 Food Group Presentation

Believe it or not, the third and final academic rotation is nearly complete. Just like the weeks before them, the final food group spent the afternoon on Thursday in the kitchen helping to prepare and cook an entirely local meal. As part of their presentation to the dining hall, Tommy Robertshaw read an original poem he had composed earlier in the day. This final food presentation truly exemplified the goals of this theme, while connecting back to the overarching Summer Term question of “How can we live well in a place?”

Cleaning the Aquaculture Cage

As another piece of the Food week curriculum, students dive the offshore aquaculture cage. The SeaStation is a 3000 cubic meter cage, presently housing roughly 1000 cobia. The following photos were taken last week when the students visited the cage and spent the afternoon cleaning the netting and learning about aquaculture in The Bahamas. Check them out!


Cacique Update July 13, 2012

Hello parental units of the wonderful children here at the Island School summer term. My name is Weston Albury and I am writing to tell you all about being cacique yesterday. I was picked by Lizzy Redd on our three day down island trip from Cape Eleuthera to Harbor Island (Briland) and Spanish wells. We drove all the way to Briland on our first day while stopping at the Glass Window Bridge. We were there during Bahamian Independence and got to walk around through all the food vendors and celebration. After that we drove to Preachers Cave and set up our camp site. We explored the caves and Continue reading

Summer Term “This I Believe…”

As part of the Tourism and Development final assessment, students were asked to create a visual representation of their reflection on the past week. Students in this theme group traveled the entire length of the island, stopping in various settlements along the way to interview locals while exploring new places. Check out the stellar video made by Claire Miles, based on the NPR talkshow “This I Believe…”

Summer Term Journal Highlights

Greetings! Summer Term is rolling along and our students have now shifted into a new theme group for the week (Ecology, Food, or Tourism and Development). As the culminating reflection for the first week of academics, our students were asked to produce a written or visual piece encompassing their experiences within their theme, while connecting back to the question of “How do we live well in a place?” Kaelyn Burbey was immersed in studying the ecology of her surroundings and is featured here for her insightful, thought-provoking and candid written response. Enjoy!


“…Working under the effulgent Bahamian sun, swimming alongside a four-eyed butterfly fish, mucking through mangroves, and eating conch with a local Bahamian fisherman leaves residual emotions connected with a place that can never be attained from the pages in a textbook. To obtain an ecological understanding of South Eleuthera, I had to slow down and sense the cadence of the land and ocean. SCUBA diving forced me into a world in which Continue reading

Cacique Update July 8, 2012

While we have been down here at the Island School, the summer 2012 Olympic trials have been going on, we are all bummed that we are missing this special event. This past Saturday for a little break the mentors arranged a South Eleuthera Olympics. The three events that we all participated in were water polo, fish identification, and a relay run swim event. All five teams enjoyed the team bonding experience. The teams were named after little towns here in South Eleuthera, called settlements. They included Deep Creek, Rock Sound, Tarpum Bay, Governor’s Harbor and Gregory Town. All of us really enjoyed this break from our academic week one. We all had fun and are all winners. On Tuesday we start academic week two.


From your local Caciques Tristan and Bethlehem