Cacique Update July 13, 2012

Hello parental units of the wonderful children here at the Island School summer term. My name is Weston Albury and I am writing to tell you all about being cacique yesterday. I was picked by Lizzy Redd on our three day down island trip from Cape Eleuthera to Harbor Island (Briland) and Spanish wells. We drove all the way to Briland on our first day while stopping at the Glass Window Bridge. We were there during Bahamian Independence and got to walk around through all the food vendors and celebration. After that we drove to Preachers Cave and set up our camp site. We explored the caves and listened to Gabe tell us about the Lucayan Indians being buried there and also about how the Eleutheran Adventurers used this cave as their meeting place. The next day we went to Spanish Wells and explored the difference in tourism between Briland and Spanish Wells. we learned a lot just from walking into stores and talking to the locals about their home. The next night we camped on the beach at an old Club Med property. It was creepy to see how this place was left in ruins and how stuff was still there and people just left it. Gabe told us that there is still someone that gets paid to keep up the land in case someone wants to buy it and make another resort out of it. The next morning we woke up to rain and had a really fun time taking our tents down in while getting poured on. We finally got in the van with everybody wet and sandy and drove to a local bakery. I had a cinnamon roll for the first time in way too long and it was delicious. We then went to a different bakery, one that was geared more toward the tourists and experienced their delicious sweets. We were then asked to compare the two bakeries. The differences were huge and I’m sure you will hear all about this on your phone times.