Cacique Update July 22, 2012


From Caciques Isaac and Tristan

With the conclusion of the final academic week we have begun preparing for the Monster Run-Swim that will take place in a little over a week. Two days ago we were driven out to High Rock where we jumped into the ocean and swam a half mile to a beach where we climbed out and ran to No-Name harbor. We continued running and swimming all the way back to The Island School for a total of about five miles. On Friday night everyone was invited to a party at the Maxeys’ house. We were fed incredible food and had a chance to hang out and given a break from work. When we returned to The Island School we had a dance party in the boathouse for at least an hour and a half. It was so much fun but also exhausting. Today the first of two groups of kayakers will leave campus for a two night trip. The second night of the trip they will have their 24 hour solo to get to know themselves a little better. When they return on Tuesday the second trip will head out the next day.