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Island School on the Road!

During the fall, The Island School goes on the road to visit alumni and host admissions receptions for prospective students. Here are some pictures from our travels:
Spring 2011 and Fall 2010 alumni at Hannah Twombly’s house in Falmouth, ME for an Island School admissions reception last Tuesday! From Left: Aldis Gamble, Izza Drury, Eliza Hazen, Mia Thomas, Sarah Becker, Hannah Twombly, Adam Wriggins, Ellen Doughty, and Hannah Leeman. Thanks for coming out! Continue reading Event and T-Shirt Design

On September 24, The Cape Eleuthera Foundation will be participating in‘s Moving Planet Day event to think of ways we can move beyond fossil fuels. 350ppm is the safe limit of carbon in our atmosphere, and we’re currently at 394 (and rising!). We want to make sure our IS students, as well as the greater community of IS parents, alumni, and CEF supporters know this number and can teach others about it and how daily actions can contribute to or reduce greenhouse gases.

Since we’re already primarily human-powered or driven by renewable energy here at The Island School, we can take it a step further and look at local solutions to carbon sequestration (reducing that 394 number). Therefore, we have chosen to have a teach-in on September 24 where students, IS faculty, and CEI researchers will discuss this number and its significance and then actually DO something about it by planting 350 propagules (baby mangroves) on campus in the wetland that connects The Island School and CEI campuses.

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Cobia for Parents Weekend Dinner

The Island School parents arrived for the weekend’s festivities full of excitement and overjoyed to see their children and their life for the past 3 months.

After 7 months of raising cobia, CEI’s aquaculture program decided to conduct the first harvest of 2011, just in time for parents weekend. A total of  150 cobia were harvested and filleted by CEI staff and IS students Brett, Sara, and Aldis. All fillets were prepared on the grill by Geoff and our lovely kitchen staff.  The grilled cobia fillets were presented at dinner and cobia ceviche as an art show appetizer wednesday evening.  After so much hard work and various obstacles, the aquaculturalist’s at CEI were overwhelmed with joy and tasted the success of cobia at dinner!  There is more to come!

Where does all the cobia carcass waste go?  

Stay tuned for our next update… “Fish Silage”

Summer and Fall Opportunities

Shark Week

Students are invited to join the shark research team to learn about the biology and ecology of Bahamian sharks. This course will be split equally between classes on shark conservation, biology and ecology, and time in the field gathering data for ongoing shark program projects. This course is physically demanding and involves time spent on boats, in all weather conditions, but will allow you to get up close and personal with some of the seas most incredible animals

Dates August 8-15, 2011    Age 16+   Cost $1,750

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Flats Research and Discovery

Students are invited to join the flats ecology research team to learn about the biology and ecology of bonefish. The course will include seine netting in creeks, tagging bonefish as a part of a nation-wide tagging program, transporting fish to the wet lab for future experiments, dissections, lectures, attending workshops on casting and fly tying, and preparing a research presentation. This course is physically demanding and involves time spent on boats and wading through creeks in all weather conditions.

Dates August 8-15, 2011    Age 16+   Cost $1,750

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Gap Year Program

The Gap Year Program at the Cape Eleuthera Institute is an intensive 8-week program focused on leadership, ecology, research, and sustainable development. This opportunity is for high school graduates or enrolled college students taking a semester or year off before continuing their academic career. Gap year students will earn PADI Open Water SCUBA certification and will have opportunity to acquire Advanced and Rescue diving certification as well. Who should apply? Students looking for hands-on involvement with innovative projects that teach people to live more responsibly.

Dates September 12 – November 7, 2011 Application deadline July 1, 2011

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350 on Eleuthera: Clean, Green and Pristine


On 10/10/10, people around the world organized Global Work Parties to help recognize climate challenges and solutions in their community. It’s called 350; 350 parts per million is what many scientists, climate experts, and progressive national governments are now saying is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.

On 10/10/10, we, members of The Island School, Cape Eleuthera Institute, Deep Creek Middle School, and the Deep Creek community, celebrated climate solutions by working together to clean up Continue reading

Island School Visits the Big Apple

On Saturday The Island School’s Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) took a tour of the New York Harbor School (NYHS), a maritime themed public school located on Governor’s Island near Manhattan.  The AAB took the quick ferry from Manhattan and explored NYHS’s beautiful, historic building.  NYHS just recently moved from Brooklyn to their dream campus on Governor’s Island.  Sharon Jacker, community coordinator for NYHS, showed off the school’s aquaponics, composting, and aquaculture systems (sound familiar??) and explained the school’s program in detail.  The NYHS is an amazing school, and we encourage everyone to check out their website to hear more about the work they are doing.

After the tour, the AAB headed back to Manhattan to Ulysses Folkhouse for a happy hour with other Island School alumni.  It was great catching up with our NYC-area alumni, and we hope to do another event in Manhattan this fall!

CEF’s Boston office officially opens!

Monday night about 40 people gathered at the Nonprofit Center in Boston to commemorate the opening of Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s  Boston office.  Guests included former Island School staff Tony Hawgood, Jack Kenworthy, and Karen McNamee, alumni from classes as far back as Fall 2002, future Island School students and families, and others just interested in learning more about our organization.

The Boston office will serve as the home office of Christian Henry and Melissa Buck.  We are excited by the opportunities that having this office in Boston will create, and we look forward to seeing everyone in the New England area this fall.  Feel free to stop by our office and say hello!