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Island School Morning Exercise in Boston

Morning exercise is the only way to start your day. Just ask Cape Eleuthera Foundation employees Mary Assini and Cam Powel and Island School parents Ernie & Kim Parizeau (Kate F’03, Doug S’06, Molly S’10, Sam S’14) and Sally Tyrie (Baylor S’14)! Last week, IS parent and Crossfit One Nation owner, JC del Real (Caroline, Su’13), held a special Island School work out for this crew at his gym. Although they were missing the warm weather of Eleuthera–and the rocks and sand digging into their backs while doing their sit ups–it was a great morning exercise nonetheless!

Ernie Parizeau, JC del Real, Mary Assini, Kim Parizeau, Cam Powel, Sally Tyrie
Ernie Parizeau, JC del Real, Mary Assini, Kim Parizeau, Cam Powel, Sally Tyrie

Once the weather warms up, we are planning to have an Island School event at JC’s crossfit gym for Boston-area alumni, parents and friends–stay tuned for details!

Boston Tough Mudder

While students and faculty on Eleuthera were running the half marathon and swimming the Super Swim this past weekend, members of The Island School staff, alumni community, Cape Eleuthera Foundation (CEF) Board, and friends of The Island School participated in their own beast of an athletic event–a Tough Mudder. If you are not familiar with these popular events that are sweeping the nation, a Tough Mudder is a “hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie” and raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project.


Led by fearless leader, Ernie Parizeau, IS parent (F’03, S’06, S’10, S’14) and CEF board member, Team Sledgehammer took to the Boston Tough Mudder course at Gustock Mountain Resort, NH on Sunday morning. Kate Parizeau (F’03), Doug Parizeau (S’06), Wes Mize (S’06), Will Parizeau, Sally Tyrie, Dan Foran, Mary Assini (S’00, Director of Development), and Cam Powel (F’04, Director of Alumni Relations) made up the rest of Team Sledgehammer.

Nearly 4 hours, 12 miles, and 20 obstacles later, Team Sledgehammer made it through their final obstacle, Electroshock Therapy consisting of a field of live wires carrying up to 10,000 volts of electric shock, and crossed the finish line with smiles on their faces and lots of mud on their bright green team t-shirts.

Congratulations, Team Sledgehammer!

Great Turn Out at Island School Reunion in Boston!

On Saturday, January 5th, over 120 Island School alumni, alumni parents, faculty, faculty alumni, and friends of The Island School gathered at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel in Boston, MA for the first semester-wide reunion in 2 years! The day started off with a strenuous psycho led by the one and only Chris Maxey. The fearless leader led the 35 morning exercise participants along the downtown Harbor Walk (and through the snow!), stopping to do “Nellas”, dips, 8-counts, and of course everyone’s favorite, Island School jumping jacks. To say that we stood out and got a few strange looks would be an understatement!

After morning exercise, attendees had the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and meet new friends before settling down with lunch to hear from our guest speakers. Cape Eleuthera Institute’s Edd Brooks spoke about his PhD shark research and his partnership with the New England Aquarium’s John Mandelman, PhD.

Edd Brooks, John Mandelman
Edd Brooks, John Mandelman

John focuses on the conservation physiology of marine fishes, predominantly elasmobranchs (the sharks, rays and skates) and their lethal and sublethal blood chemical responses to anthropogenic stressors – such as fishing capture and handling, and acoustic stress – in marine fishes. He is currently partnering up with Edd Brooks and CEI’s Shark Research & Conservation Program. Together they delivered a very interesting presentation that gave alumni an update on the type of research going on at CEI, and also how CEI is moving forward and partnering up with other successful organizations with the New England Aquarium. After Edd and John’s presentation, everyone had a chance to catch up some more, visit the Aquarium, and visit some of the aquarium’s scientists’ wet labs. At the end of the day, alumni left the Marriott and split into their respective semesters for dinner and other evening plans.

Island School Spring 2012
Island School Spring 2012

Thank you all who came to the reunion and made it such a success! We can’t wait to get everyone back together again! To see more photos from Saturday, see our Flickr album here.

Miss out on this reunion? Make sure you update us with your contact information so that you don’t miss out again! Email alumni@islandschool.org.

CEF’s Boston office officially opens!

Monday night about 40 people gathered at the Nonprofit Center in Boston to commemorate the opening of Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s  Boston office.  Guests included former Island School staff Tony Hawgood, Jack Kenworthy, and Karen McNamee, alumni from classes as far back as Fall 2002, future Island School students and families, and others just interested in learning more about our organization.

The Boston office will serve as the home office of Christian Henry and Melissa Buck.  We are excited by the opportunities that having this office in Boston will create, and we look forward to seeing everyone in the New England area this fall.  Feel free to stop by our office and say hello!

Don’t forget to join us this Sunday and Monday in the Boston area!

Calling all Island School friends and family!  Join us this weekend at Woods Hole, Cape Cod to tour the Marine Biological Laboratory, followed by a cocktail party hosted by the Gibson family (Kate Gibson, F04).

And, if you’re still around Boston on Monday, come help us celebrate the opening of our Boston office from 6-8pm at the Nonprofit Center near South Station.

RSVP to alumni@islandschool.org for both events.  We hope you can join us!

Alumni Gather to Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston!

IS alums gather in Boston

Last Saturday, alums from several semesters gathered in Boston to walk the Freedom Trail, a trail that follows historical sites through Boston.  Organized by Derek Shooster (S06), the group visited several historical sites and stopped for lunch at Quincy Market, in an effort to gain a better sense of place in their Boston community.

F09 Alums Molly Nash and Jan Shi pose with Sam Adams at Old South Meeting House

Join us for more Boston events this summer:

July 18th- Tour of Woods Hole Research Center and Cocktail Party (RSVPs required to alumni@islandschool.org)

July 19th- Grand opening of Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s new Boston Office, 6-8pm at 89 South St. Boston, MA 02111