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Fall 2013 Alumni Advisory Board Meeting on Eleuthera

Ted Griffith (S’02), Drew Fink (F’05), Cam Powel (F’04, Dir. Alumni Relations), Nick Del Vecchio (F’02), Kate Parizeau (F’03), Mike Cortina (F’02), Horatio Smith (F’02), Dominique Keefe (S’07)

This past weekend 7 members of the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) came down to The Island School for their annual on-island board meeting. These alumni are part of a volunteer board that helps The Island School alumni department strengthen the alumni network and also serve as the link between IS, CEI and DCMS and the greater Island School alumni community. During their long weekend on Eleuthera, the AAB participated in morning exercise, spoke with the directors of IS, CEI and DCMS, and discussed the future of the board as The Island School approaches its 15th birthday. However, the most valuable experience for the board was participating in facilitating a community meeting with the current Fall 2013 students. Alumni and current students alike shared an important “snapshot” from their semester and then broke out in to small groups to discuss some bigger picture questions about their Island School experiences.

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The final night of the AAB meeting was spent aboard the Maxey’s catamaran, Kokomo. The board’s next meeting will be in the states in April. To find out more about what the AAB does or how you can get involved in The Island School’s alumni community, email alumni@islandschool.org.

Alumni in Breckenridge!

We always love hearing about alumni get togethers, especially when the alumni are from different semesters! Some of the strongest Island School friendships are found not within the same semester, but rather across multiple Island School semesters! This past weekend, Nick Del Vecchio (F’02), Ted Griffith (S’02), and Johann Scheidt (S’02), who became friends through their involvement with the Alumni Advisory Board, met up in Breckenridge, CO for a fun ski weekend and to celebrate Ted Griffith’s birthday!

Alumni Advisory Board Annual On-Island Meeting

Chris Maxey, Ted Griffith (S02), Mike Cortina (F02), Horatio Smith (F02), Kate Parizeau (F03), John Head (F99), Nick DelVecchio (F02), Cam Powel (F04)

This past weekend, 6 members from The Island School’s Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) made the trek to South Eleuthera for their annual on-island board meeting. During their few days at The Island School, they had the opportunity to connect with Spring 2012 students, as well as hear about everything that’s happening on the Cape, making sure that their alumni perspective is being heard both by staff and The Island School Board of Directors. All 6 attendees left the island with lots of energy to go home and spread the word of all the things they heard and learned this weekend.

The AAB was created in 2008 to reengage Island School alumni and add structure to the Island School alumni community that has spread from Eleuthera across the globe. The AAB promotes effective global citizenship by supporting connectivity and collaboration among the alumni community and through preservation of the mission and vision of the Island School for future students. Every student’s Island School experience is different, and with an ever-changing campus landscape and research scope many returning alumni are often confronted with a different school than they remember.  The AAB works to ensure that all alumni feel connected to The Island School, regardless of miles traveled or time passed.

If you have any questions about the Alumni Advisory Board or alumni support, please feel free to contact alumni@islandschool.org.

Island School Visits the Big Apple

On Saturday The Island School’s Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) took a tour of the New York Harbor School (NYHS), a maritime themed public school located on Governor’s Island near Manhattan.  The AAB took the quick ferry from Manhattan and explored NYHS’s beautiful, historic building.  NYHS just recently moved from Brooklyn to their dream campus on Governor’s Island.  Sharon Jacker, community coordinator for NYHS, showed off the school’s aquaponics, composting, and aquaculture systems (sound familiar??) and explained the school’s program in detail.  The NYHS is an amazing school, and we encourage everyone to check out their website to hear more about the work they are doing.

After the tour, the AAB headed back to Manhattan to Ulysses Folkhouse for a happy hour with other Island School alumni.  It was great catching up with our NYC-area alumni, and we hope to do another event in Manhattan this fall!