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Cacique Update- July 23, 2010

Students after their last SCUBA dive

For morning exercise today we had our last SCUBA dive of the summer term :(. After loading the boats, splitting into groups and buddy checking our gear, Edd (the SCUBA instructor) took us to Tunnel Rock, a cool spot we had visited during SCUBA certification. We each lined up single-file to swim through the narrow reef tunnel, careful not to touch the delicate coral surrounding us. The dive Continue reading

Cacique Update- July 20, 2010

Today was a GOOD DAY!

It started out with a SCUBA dive at “Hole in the Wall” where the Term split up into 3 groups. One with Edd on the MacDaddy, one with Ian on the Kenny T, and one with Tyler on the RED Rising. The time of day is perfect for seeing all kinds of fish and underwater creatures, and we had a ton of fun! When we came back we rushed to breakfast, because we didn’t want to lose Continue reading

Cacique Update- July 18, 2010


Surprise!! Today the mentors gave us a sleep in after the intense kayak trip. Even though we had until twelve, we only slept until eight just in time for our favorite granola breakfast.  After a quick bite we were eager to sign out, grab our bikes, and pedal our way to Sunset Beach.  Lying in the sand, working on our tan, taking pictures, and visiting the marina store was just the way we wanted to spend our morning.  Following our relaxing morning, we ate lunch and met up for our Community Outreach project.  Loading up the ladder, Continue reading

Cacique Update- July 13-16, 2010


On 7/13 the community woke up and one group went to play water polo while the other group went to kayak prep. Then we had chores and then headed off to breakfast. After breakfast we returned as a whole community at our circle and finished up kayak prep.  This led up to lunch time and after lunch time K1 left. About 45 minutes later K2 left to begin their voyage.

K1 paddle for about three hours to reach their camping ground, which was Red Bay. Then we set up camp and prepared for dinner. After learning about the stars and night sky from some of our fellow classmates, we all went straight to sleep.  We started Continue reading

Cacique Update- July 9-11, 2010

Three days ago, we left school for our Down Island Trip at approximately 8 am. Three vans, 28 people, and countless luggage headed to our first stop: the famous Mr. Sand’s bakery. Not only was it the best bread we’ve ever tasted, but we also got a taste of royalty as we heard about Mr. Sand’s adventure to Prince Charles’ wedding. His love for talking caused Remo to slyly end Continue reading