Cacique Update- July 23, 2010

Students after their last SCUBA dive

For morning exercise today we had our last SCUBA dive of the summer term :( . After loading the boats, splitting into groups and buddy checking our gear, Edd (the SCUBA instructor) took us to Tunnel Rock, a cool spot we had visited during SCUBA certification. We each lined up single-file to swim through the narrow reef tunnel, careful not to touch the delicate coral surrounding us. The dive started our day off well, putting us all in a good mood for the last day of classes. In the morning we had our last session with our research groups, in which we all put the finishing touches on our posters in preparation for the exposition in Rock Sound tomorrow. Later, we met with our Human Ecology final project groups and began planning our presentations for the expo as well. We spent our free time in the afternoon exploring our surroundings with our advisory groups for one of the last times!  After dinner we all enjoyed a relaxing night without research homework. Great day! Home in 3 days: be ready with chocolate and french fries.

– Julia and Liza :)

One comment on “Cacique Update- July 23, 2010

  1. cherl crews...Tessaaaas momm on said:

    My you all look happy as clams! Enjoy your last weekend on the island kids, you’ll be coming home to family and friends ready to hear all about your adventures! Safe travels Home everyone. See you at the gate Tessa, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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