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Remembering Walter Lovejoy

It is with our deepest sorrow that we recognize the passing of long-time friend and supporter of The Island School, Walter Lovejoy. He passed away this December after an amazing life. Two of his grandchildren graduated from The Island School–Emily Lovejoy in Fall 2007 and Alex Lovejoy in Spring 2002. In honor of their passed grandson and IS alum, Walter & Susan Lovejoy started the memorial Alex Lovejoy Scholarship. Every semester, the Lovejoy family awards a merit scholarship to an Island School student. Our thoughts go out to the Lovejoy family during this time and we cannot thank them enough for all their support over the years.


Mask and Snorkel Donation

This fall, Cape Eleuthera Institute’s conch research intern from the College of the Bahamas, Tarran Simms, facilitated the donation of 500 masks & snorkels from Dolphin Cay at Atlantis resort in Nassau to Ron Knight, Island School Director of SCUBA operations and waterfront manager. Knight in turn, divided the bulk of the snorkel gear among every 4th, 5th, and 6th grader between Tarpum Bay & Deep Creek, where the excited students and teachers accepted appreciatively. Knight also intends to distribute the remaining gear to student of DCMS in Deep Creek, Eleuthera.

2012 Off to a Strong Start

As The Island School emerges in its 14th year, we feel stronger than ever as an organization having two lead donors ensure the longevity of the school and its supporting programs.

The Searle Family has supported the growth of The Island School since before the beginning. Bill and Sally Searle made their first gift of support in 1996. The entire family has been behind the development of the semester program and the creation of DCMS and CEI. As of today, four grandchildren have undertaken The Island School journey (Jake Searle S’02, Abby Klarr Bebee S’02, Bekah Klarr S’04 and Nathan Klarr S’11). We also have new energy emerging through the program with new Island School parents, Floyd and Kim Wilson, who have become huge supporters of The Island School program since their daughter, Kelley Duggan, completed her semester in Spring 2011. Together, the Wilson and Searle families play a large role in getting 2012 off to such a strong start with two $1,000,000 lead gifts to support endowment, educators, students and programs. Continue reading

Welcome New Head of Island School, John Schatz!

The Island School is proud to announce a new head of school starting in the 2012-13 school year! After an extensive 18-month search, John Schatz has been hired to be the next Head of School. John has a long history with The Island School semester program. He joined a pioneer teaching team back in the fall of 2001 as a mathematics teacher. Outside the classroom John was head of the boys’ dormitory, sea kayaking guide, research advisor for a number of different projects and in his final year he ran the daily program as Dean of the School. John is remembered well as the teacher/mentor who was always there to challenge and at the same time support the community.

After four years of committed service to The Island School, John went on to receive his Masters in Education from Columbia Teacher’s College and taught at several private schools. Continue reading

F’11 Parent and Educator Gives Thanks

Steve Murray, Headmaster at University School in Hunting Valley, OH, recently returned from a trip to The Island School where he was visiting his son James (F11) during Parents Weekend. In addressing the University School community in his Thanksgiving Assembly Comments last week, he reflected on his time on Eleuthera, reminding us all that we have much to be thankful for. You can read the entire address here.

Fish Silage: Turning Fish into Fertilizer

Island School students, Aldis, Brett, and Sara are doing a human ecology project that utilizes the cobia harvesting waste into livestock feed and fertilizer, trying to further close the loop in our sustainable model here at CEI/IS.  The fish silage will be used to feed the pigs and tilapia, as well as a fertilizer at the farm. Continue reading

Cobia for Parents Weekend Dinner

The Island School parents arrived for the weekend’s festivities full of excitement and overjoyed to see their children and their life for the past 3 months.

After 7 months of raising cobia, CEI’s aquaculture program decided to conduct the first harvest of 2011, just in time for parents weekend. A total of  150 cobia were harvested and filleted by CEI staff and IS students Brett, Sara, and Aldis. All fillets were prepared on the grill by Geoff and our lovely kitchen staff.  The grilled cobia fillets were presented at dinner and cobia ceviche as an art show appetizer wednesday evening.  After so much hard work and various obstacles, the aquaculturalist’s at CEI were overwhelmed with joy and tasted the success of cobia at dinner!  There is more to come!

Where does all the cobia carcass waste go?  

Stay tuned for our next update… “Fish Silage”

It is official, Gobies clean brood stock cobia!

What an exciting Monday morning for aquaculture! We now have 3 goby breeding pairs that have all laid eggs this week. Our most recent pair needed to be separated from the two other resident gobies, so we decided to experiment. It has been relayed by word of mouth that gobies will clean parasites off the cobia. Nothing is ever that easy at CEI, so we needed to see it to believe it.

Nine thirty this morning, Marie and I decided to take the leap of faith and place the 2 gobies into the brood stock cobia tank. No one knew what to expect. Would the gobies like their new home? Would the cobia know to stay still so the gobies could clean them? How long would it take until we would observe the gobies actually cleaning the cobia?

Continue reading

Blog Action Day 2010: WATER

Today, thousands of bloggers from over 125 different countries we are coming together to write about the same issue: WATER. And today, we give you insights, thoughts, facts, and feelings about how WATER affects our community, through blogs written by representatives of each area of The Cape Eleuthera Foundation.

To learn more about Blog Action Day or global issues surrounding WATER, or to connect to one of the thousands of blogs also considering this topic today, click on the following link: