Student Update: Transitioning

Student Jeremy Diaz took a moment this weekend to reflect on his transition to The Island School and all that he has learned in his first month. Here’s what he had to say.

I came here blinded from the world beyond the city, now I have lifted my blinds. I’m originally from the big city of New York City. So, the closest thing to the great outdoors is going to the park. Within the first few weeks of coming to the Island School, I learned how to open up to the world around me, scuba dive and swim, at that order. I also can’t forget for kayaking and camping for the first time as well. The overall staff and classes that I am taking are guiding me to the path of self and world observation. I truly feel that coming here has entirely changed my outlook on life. When seeing things now, I just don’t see it; I analyze it and search for every aspect of it in order to create connections. For example, you might see a plant, but I see a primary producer who plays a key role in an ecosystem. It’s something about pushing your perspective that improves the way you see things. That is the difference between before and after the Island School experience. I feel that after this whole experience, I will take what I learned and try to share it with other people.

Jeremy Diaz

Jeremy, Raynooka, Maddie, Sophie and Margaret prepare to leave on their 3-day kayak trip.
Jeremy, Raynooka, Maddie, Sophie and Margaret excited to leave on their 3-day kayak trip.