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Maxey Freedives with William & Brittany Trubridge

Chris Maxey had the opportunity to join a freediving course at Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, The Bahamas taught by the world record holder William Trubridge. The Island School is excited to have William and Brittany Trubridge return later this year to help advance our freediving curriculum at Cape Eluethera. We hope to work with the Trubridges to possibly open a course in December 2013–stay tuned!

William and Brittany Trubridge Visit Campus

The Island School was honored to welcome William and Brittany Trubridge to Cape Eleuthera. William is the current world record holder for unassisted freedive to 100 meters or 328 feet. He and his wife Brittany, who is an accomplished yoga instructor, spent three days sharing their skill and passion with our larger community. Students and faculty were able to receive instruction in how to maximize their breathing and flexibility and participate on several freediving expeditions to nearby reefs. In the evening William gave a presentation with some background on his journey to become the best in the world.

The audience watched with amazement as he shared a video of his record dive, on a single breath using only his hands and feet (no fins) he went down into Dean’s Blue Hole.┬áThe deepest of all the subterranean caverns across the Bahama Banks, Dean’s Blue Hole is located on Long Island in the Southern Bahamas, 200 miles south of Eleuthera. His dive took a total of four minutes and eight seconds and the audience erupted in applause as he successfully showed the judges the tab that he carried back up from the darkness. Continue reading