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Skylar Miller (S’03) Leads Lionfish Education and Outreach in The Bahamas

When Island School alum Skylar Miller (S’03) returned to Eleuthera in the summer of 2010, she was looking for an opportunity that bridged her passion for teaching concepts of marine biology with field-based research. “When I heard the Cape Eleuthera Institute’s mission of ‘Research, Education, and Outreach’ I thought: That’s perfect. That’s exactly what I want to do,” Miller reflected. She has since become a pioneer for that mission. Her collaborative work has resulted in the creation of CEI’s Lionfish Research and Education Program, in partnership with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and Simon Fraser University (SFU).

The scope of her work is expanding into the future, with many exciting opportunities to forge new partnerships and extend lionfish programming throughout the Caribbean. “Lionfish invasion is a regional issue,” she described. “There are lots of countries similar to The Bahamas’ situation, politically, economically, socially. We need to consider how we can learn from one another. Looking at communication and how we can share ideas is going to be important as we move forward, as we figure out a solution to the lionfish problem.”

This fall, Miller will begin graduate work at the University of the West Indies, Barbados. Continue reading

Lionfish Collecting and Handling Workshop at CEI

The next “Lionfish Collecting and Handling” Workshop organized by REEF in collaboration with the SPAW RAC will take place on May 15-18, 2012 at the Cape Eleuthera Institue. The workshop is a 2-day workshop focusing on hands-on collecting/handling and monitoring for key resource managers or their official designee. This workshop is the second of 3 workshops that will be held in the region and  funded in part by a NFWF (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation) grant. This workshop is by invite only. Please contact Skylar Miller at skylarmiller@islandschool.org for more information.

Dan Rather Reports from the Cape

Dan Rather along with a film crew and a team of producers visited Cape Eleuthera last week to film a piece about lionfish. The piece is for his show on HDNet, Dan Rather Reports. He visited the Cape to see first-hand both the extent of and learn the effects of the lionfish invasion and what is being done in response. Rather’s visit coincided with researchers Lad Akins and Stephanie Green’s being on campus to conduct their ongoing lionfish research at the Cape Eleuthera Institute.

The film crew spent an entire day on boats visiting reefs and filming with Akins and Green, as well as with CEI’s own lionfish researchers Annabelle Oronti and Skylar Miller. The piece, which will air in the next couple of weeks on HDNet, will feature interviews and footage from in the field. Last month, the New York Times featured a piece on the lionfish invasion in Atlantic and Caribbean waters, and Rather’s visit to report on them underscores the importance of the issue and the work being done at CEI to understand and deal with the problem.