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Free-diving with a Loggerhead

I wrote this when we got back from an early morning free-dive last Wednesday. A rare pleasure.

“This morning I dived with a loggerhead. The turtle was missing a chunk of its shell. On its right hand side a shark, I assume, had taken a bite out of its shell and left its flipper intact but withered. We had been diving at Tunnel. I had taken three dives and was concentrating on relaxing under water, minimizing effort without concern for depth, and finding the point at which my buoyancy would become neutral and I would hover in the water column while excerting no effort. I had not yet found that depth. My buddy Continue reading

What is Education for?

“The truth is that many things on which our future health and prosperity depend are in dire jeapordy: climate stability, the resilience and productivity of natural sustems, the beauty of the natural world, and biological diversity.

It is worth noting that this is not the work of ignorant people. Rather, it is largely the results of work by people with BA’s, BS’s, LLB’s, MBA’s, and PhD’s. Elie Wiesel once made Continue reading