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Student Update September 21, 2012

Happy Friday once again!! Today is the last day that I get to write for the blog; we switch every two weeks. I really love writing for the blog, but I’m sure the next writer will have some really great experiences and insights about the Island School to share with you all back home.

Yesterday was an absolutely incredible day. It was one of those surreal days that really make you consider how lucky you are. In the morning, I had a three hour long Marine Ecology block. Sounds kind of tedious doesn’t it? Wrong. We didn’t spend a second of it in the classroom. Er… not in the traditional sense of the word “classroom” anyway. We went straight to the boathouse to set up our scuba gear, and then all piled onto the boat to go out to Tunnel Rock, one of the reefs in the area. We were each given a dive slate – like an underwater piece of paper – and descended 35 feet to the sea floor. Each buddy pair chose a spot along the reef to sit and observe for 30 minutes. Our assignment: write an underwater essay answering the prompt  Continue reading

Student Update September 20, 2012

It’s hard to believe that we are already so close to the end of the second academic week. The days are flying by so fast, it’s crazy. We have some special guests on campus for the rest of the week and this weekend; The Island School Alumni Board is visiting for some meetings and to participate in the Monster Run-Swim this weekend. At meals they sit with us and share their experiences at The Island School as well as listen to us talk about what it’s been like thus far for us. It’s nice to get some insight from someone who’s already been where we are. They’ve been joining us in morning exercise to prepare for the (roughly) 5 mile run and 1 mile swim that constitutes the monster of an event. For those of us who are not quite as daring, there is also an option to do a sprint Run-Swim – basically a shorter version of the Monster – to try to beat our personal best times. Needless to say, this Saturday is going to leave both us and our guests pretty tired and ready for a Sunday of rest.

We’ve started our first project in Art class and personally, I’m really excited (which is not something I usually am for an Art project). We recently watched a video about Andy Goldsworthy and his ephemeral artwork, so Continue reading

Island School Students’ First Week of Research Class

Research classes kicked off this week for The Island School students. On Tuesday, students broke into their 8 different research groups and spent the afternoon getting to know their research advisors–members of the research team at the Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI). They also learned about the study they would be working on for the next 3 months. Thursday afternoon was their first field block, where they got out on the water or into the lab for the first time! The 8 studies being conducted this semester focus on shark ecology & physiology, the impact of climate change on bonefish & mangrove flats species, lionfish & reef fish population ecology, and sea turtle & conch abundance & distribution around South Eleuthera. These studies are well-established areas of research at CEI and as a result, many visitors and collaborators will be visiting our campus over the next few weeks to share their knowledge and expertise with the students.

Research class is an exciting opportunity for students to gain new skills in the field – from fish identification and handling to public speaking and PowerPoint creation. Students learn about and contribute to global conservation issues, work in small groups, and ultimately, have the experience of a lifetime!


Fall 2012 Kayak & Scuba Rotations

Orientation for Fall 2012 has ended and now the 47 students are diving right into kayak and scuba rotations. Check out this great panoramic photo taken from the Boathouse that shows it all: K1 and K2 packing their kayaks before heading out on their 3-day trips and K3 and K4 loading up the Cobia with their scuba gear for their first morning of certification dives!