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Harvesting Cobia with the Aquaculture Research Team

Eliza shows off her filleting skills

Today we strayed from our usual “water parameter, goby feeding” routine and went diving into the offshore cage. We loaded nets, bags, and scuba gear into Red Rising. Sitting on the bow of the boat, we looked at the aquaculture cage 50 feet down in the water. Snappers, grouper, cobia, and even two bull sharks circled the cage. Then, we began our decent. As we approached Continue reading

Building a Living Roof

Students band together with faculty and facilities crew to get soil onto living roof of the new bike shed

Yesterday afternoon, students assisted faculty and our facilities crew in getting the living roof on the Ryan E. Devos Bike Center. Though it was their exploration time, several students stopped by the building to help us get the soil up onto the roof.  Students shoveled soil, Continue reading

Island School’s New Blog!

Welcome to The Island School’s official blog.  This blog will serve as a means to update friends of The Island School to let everyone know what we are doing here on Cape Eleuthera.  Updates will be written by faculty, staff, and students.  While you’re here, feel free to check out our Flickr pictures and @CaciqueMaxey tweets!