Summer Term 2013: Student Update July 10, 2013

Greetings from the Island School’s 2013 Summer Term!  This weekend, students enjoyed an evening off to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the independence of the Bahamas.  We piled into the bus with high anticipation of enjoying some traditional Bahamian food and dance.   The warm hour and half long ride to Governor’s Harbour ended with a cool breeze and the sweet smell of celebration.  Almost immediately it seemed that the overwhelming smells of conch fritters and coconut drinks drew everyone into a line behind Shauna’s food stand.  After chowing down on the food, the cool grooves of rake and scrape music coaxed us into the dancing field.  Many of us took a break from twisting and shouting to cool off along the ocean side.  Some of us couldn’t help but admire the locally made jewelry and baskets.  Only the strong winds and rain could stop our moving feet.  A small storm blew in, forcing us to pile back into the bus with our conch salads and high spirits. The drive back quickly lulled us to sleep under the beautiful South Eleutheran stars. It was a truly memorable night. Happy Birthday, Bahamas!

Catherine securing aquaponics materials at CEI in anticipation of the wind.
Catherine secures aquaponics material at CEI in anticipation of the wind.

Thanks to Savannah and Chase for this Student Update!  In addition to celebrating Independence day today, we are also preparing the campus for the wind and rain expected to arrive later this week.  Students helped out on Island School’s campus and at CEI by assisting in storm prep!  Everyone is ready to face the wind and rain head on!

We're "okay" and ready for the storm!
We’re “okay” and ready for the storm!