Student Leadership Update – New Cacique Council Selected

Each week, a group of students is selected for their unique potential as leaders to come together as the 5 student Cacique Council, “Cacique” meaning leader in ancient Lucayan. During that week, the group will plan special activities for their peers, run morning and evening circles, facilitate communication between students and faculty, and fulfill other important roles as needed. Members of the council are welcomed into the new role during Community Meeting, in which a public acknowledgement of each individual’s leadership qualities is read aloud. Enjoy these “Cacique Pass-Offs” written by last week’s Cacique Council. Join us in welcoming the next group of young leaders: Dana, Danny,Charlie, Sarah T. and Cole.

Dana is a true example of a strong and hardworking young woman! Her readiness to try so many new things is inspiring. Whether she is reaching deeper and deeper depths on every free dive, or pushing herself on morning runs, Dana exemplifies the adventurous and cheerful attitude we should all have at The Island School. It is my pleasure to pass off Cacique to an enthusiastic and caring leader who has impressed me every day here: Congrats Dana!

This Sarah Taft is probably the friendliest, most energetic person I have ever met. She is always the first person to give a huge to those who need it, step forward to lead stretches or extend a welcoming hand to visitors. I believe that Sarah is going to make a great Cacique.

This boy is an inspiration to us all. His focus and determination make him a model student at the Island School and beyond. He brings buckets of enthusiasm to any activity while still maintaining focus on the task at hand. His commitment to any assignment, chore or exercise is a testament to his outstanding work ethic, and that is why I am confident this student will make a great cacique. I am proud to elect Daniel Dekko Goldman to the next Cacique Council.

Cole has an energetic, positive attitude that makes her an excellent leader. Her humor about life has made my experience here even more incredible. I have the great honor of being her bunk mate, Congrats to Cole on being one of this week’s new Caciques!

Charlie is friendly, outgoing, and above all hilarious. He always has a smile on his face but knows how and when to buckle down and get things done. His enthusiasm and energy are inspiration to our entire dorm every morning and the rest of the school during the day. Former dorm head extraordinaire, our first coffee house host, and a great friend, congratulations Charlie!