Gap Year Program Update #3

Why hello there! Here it is…the much-awaited update of the Gap Year lord and ladies. The highlight of this week was our down-island trip, during which we got to see some groovy spots on the island. Starting at the Laughing Lizard Café with a breathtakingly close encounter with Lenny Kravitz, we journeyed north to Harbour Island. We put on our ritzy pants and ventured into the resorts, only to discover that Cape Eleuthera is a far more beautiful, righteous, and down to earth place to be. After scrounging around looking at menus of the various restaurants, we decided that instead of spending our college tuition money on a steak and accompanying beverage, we would retire to the fried food shacks and eat al fresco. A great time was had by all as we watched the sun set, munched on questionable fried items, and listened to the sage life advice of Scotty and Taylor.

The next day we toured Spanish Wells, which was enticing insofar as it felt like an episode of The Twilight Zone, and the accents were delightfully funky. In order to understand what I’m talking about, one must travel to Spanish Wells and experience the magic therein. We went on to explore the Hatchet Bay Caves, bathing ourselves in spa mud and spelunking through the darkness. We spent the night at the abandoned navy base beach, ate delicious camping food, and fell asleep under the stars, which could be seen through our tent after removing the rain cover, and conveniently, it rained that night. Ah, nature, the sly little minx.

On our final day, we broke fast in Governor’s Harbour and toured the beautiful pink library, which awakened within me a deep desire to read children’s chapter books in a beanbag chair. As a final hurrah, we visited the Native Plant Preserve, which was by far my favorite portion of the trip. Our guide revealed to us a myriad of botanical solutions for aches, pains, itchies, and sexual lethargy. It was quite a lovely walk through a beautiful garden, which ended in bush tea shots all around. Yeehaw!!! A wonderful trip, another wonderful week. Dang, it’s good to be a Gapper.

by Hannah Shaper