Student Update November 20, 2012

Yesterday we had our final CO class with our DCMS buddies.  In Grade 9, we have been talking a lot about food on Eleuthera, and food in general, so our buddies came to Island School so we could watch a movie called King Corn.  The movie was about how a main ingredient of our diet is corn, and how corn has been genetically modified so it can be processed.  One thing from the movie that resonated with me was a scene where they took a piece of a man’s hair, and showed him that even his hair contained corn in it.  From soda to hamburgers to chips, most things that we are eating contain corn, and this is shown in our bodies.  We were not able to finish the movie and watch the section that talks about solutions to this problem, but I really enjoyed watching the movie because I didn’t even know how big of a problem this was.

After watching the movie, we went over to DCMS for the Basketball Jamboree.  [slideshow]We got out of the van, and the smell of conch fritters and fried chicken was in the air, music was playing, and kids were shooting around on the basketball court.  The first game started and people gathered around the basketball court to watch the 10-minute game.  When people weren’t playing, they were talking around picnic tables with their buddies and friends, waiting for their game to start, or just hanging out with their buddies for the last time.  We got through about 7 games before it was time for the DCMS bus to leave to take people home.  When the bus was about to leave, people were running around frantically trying to find their buddies so they could say goodbye.  I was in the van about to leave because I thought my buddy was about to leave, and I saw her heading into the classroom to pick up her backpack, so I sprinted out of the van to give her a hug and take a picture before we both left.  CO this semester has been a lot of fun, and it has been great to learn about school and life on Eleuthera through our buddies.