Cacique Update June 26, 2012

Hello Island School parents!

This is the first of many daily updates from the Caciques! “Cacique” is a Lucayan word for leader, so each day we pass off the Cacique role to two new student leaders of the day. Even after only two full days on campus, we’ve already had a handful of great experiences! One of the most notable was our float down the Current Cut, a small man-made channel with a quick current running through it. During the course of our dive, we encountered a plethora of colorful aquatic life including Nassau groupers, barracudas, nurse sharks, schoolmaster snapper, and jacks. George’s ankles have been severely bitten by bugs because he has no hair in said location. But don’t worry Mr. and Mrs. Reich, he is thriving in this uniquely humid environment, and is maintaining his perfectly coiffed hair which we all enjoy.


On a different note, the morning exercise has been both challenging and exciting. As of yet, we’ve gone on two small run swims, the first of which finished with a snorkeling adventure off Boy’s Dorm Beach, where we explored a small wreck offshore. For our second morning activity, we conducted a swim test, involving a quarter mile swim around a cut near the school and a ten-minute water tread. Honestly speaking, the event wasn’t a particularly joyous occasion, but provided us all with a sense of accomplishment and general coolness. Finally, after arriving back at the school, we did a brief session of chores and ate a delicious breakfast. More to come!

-The Caciques (Claire Davis and Ben Charo)