Cacique Update December 3, 2011

by Caciques Kate M. and Frankie

We were caciques for the last Saturday of the semester. We started the day with team sports, and we both played soccer rather than yoga. We then had the research symposium, which we’ve been preparing for all semester. Our final research presentation lasted six minutes and represented all our work from the last three months. In attendance were locals, government officials, and visiting scientists. We are both in the Flats research program, and, following the presentation, we explained our Flats poster in the boathouse, which we’ve worked really hard on creating. Phillip Miller, the Undersecretary of the Prime Minister, was our guest speaker. We were really inspired to hear him talk about how he supported Maxey’s dream for The Island School. It helped us realize how special this place is and how important it is to pursue your dreams no matter how difficult they may be. After the research symposium we had exploration time; Frankie and I decided to make a cake to celebrate one of our last community nights all together. Afterwards Kate explored the Banyan tree with Anika and Frankie stayed on campus in boy’s dorm. The Saturday night activity was the Green Castle homecoming, and we were joined by the visiting students from theHawkensSchool, an educational program that is down here for two weeks. When we arrived at the homecoming loud music was playing and people were dancing. We all had so much fun dancing in the rain together (and with TJ a local Bahamian known for his incredible dance moves) and enjoying the amazing food. Afterwards we came back to campus to enjoy our cake. We all have so much fun together and it’s truly difficult to accept the fact that we have to leave soon.