Cacique Update December 2, 2011

by Caciques Jane and Claire

According to Cam Powel, former Island School student as well as Director of Alumni Relations (and beloved phone time scheduler), our semester is “in denial” about leaving. Maybe it’s because everyone is still cruising along as if we have a month left or as Rob says maybe it’s because we just want to live for one more week as if the carpet isn’t about to be pulled from under our feet.  Maybe, even though we will be home in our own beds in one short week, we are trying to live well in this place for our last few days and hours. Today marked exactly a week until we pack up and head home to the various places around the world where we came from. Today I took it upon myself to begin the acceptance that in one weeks time I will have to rearrange my life, just as I did coming here. Little did I know that today would be one of the hardest days to do that. It was our final day of Human Ecology class where we displayed our final projects at DCMS. As an audience member walking around, you would see eco-friendly art supplies where the presenters allowed the listeners to make their own paper, the food inventory group that presented an array of new snack options that they had made with the kitchen ladies, the effects of development group in which they questioned/tested the detrimental effects that a possible cruise port would have on nearby marine ecosystems. It was evident to everybody there that we, the students were passionate about what we had done. Every time I turned my head I saw people smiling, inspired by what we had taken on. Going home, I hope that I can put as much enthusiasm into any project I participate in. Although leaving will be hard, I am excited for what the future may hold.