Community Outreach Project Update

By Hallie Coon and Keniesha Pinder


At Deep Creek Middle School, the eighth graders and their Island School buddies have been working on the issue dengue fever. The class has divided into many smaller groups to work on projects such as the radio group, print media, standing water, and the community presentation group.

The radio group is going to record a public service announcement to put on the radio about the facts of Dengue fever. The best part of it is that we get help Bahamians learn about how to prevent getting Dengue fever or what to do if they have it. It is also lots of fun to add sound effects to impress people.

The standing water group will remove standing water to keep away the mosquitoes and prevent them from reproducing.  They said that the best part about it is getting to walk around in different settlements and finding water to get rid of.

The print media group will create fliers, posters, and pamphlets to distribute to increase awareness about Dengue fever.

The community presentation group will do a power point at schools and churches about Dengue fever. The best part about it is that they have the privilege to get out and teach other students about what they know about Dengue fever.

The home visits group go to people’s houses, question them about dengue fever, and find out how many people in that household have been diagnosed with Dengue fever. The best part about the home visit group is that they get to walk around to different houses and get to know more people in the nearby communities.