Cacique Update- May 11, 2010

Tuesday was about re-realizing community. It was our second academic day with all of us back together since kayak rotations, and campus was now alive again, with all forty-seven of us doing this and that around campus. In the afternoon we were able to reconnect with our community out reach buddies, and continue work on our projects with them. We also had advisory time, which ment that we got to spend some time with our advisor, and friends that had all gone separate directions for the last three weeks. Tuesday was The Island School back at full capacity, and full throttle, but it was good. After three weeks with 12 to 24 people, you start to miss the buzz of the 47 + faculty. We’re back together, and full of stories, which we had the opportunity to tell on Tuesday. Tuesday was a good day.

Maddie and Wilson