Cacique Update-April 21, 2010


Today the Spring 2010 semester was given the opportunity to give back to the school for Legacy Day. We split into four groups and each group was assigned a different project. Two of the groups worked on landscaping and planting edible trees so that future semesters can enjoy these foods. The other groups worked on  building new picnic tables and a trellace for a memorial garden. It was nice for the students to get a break off of school work and perform hard work. We gained a new found respect for all of the hard workers that take care of our campus. After all of our hard work, the campus  looked  beautiful and we  all got to enjoy a nice cold beverage together. After dinner, the twelve students who did not go on the night dive on Tuesday set up their gear after dinner, and left for their dive at Tunnel Rock around 8:20.  It began to rain on the way out, which made the divers all the more excited.

-Gaby and Luke