Cacique Update-March 14, 2010

-Peter S.

Today was an extraordinary day. After a tumultuous “sleep-in,” students gathered at morning circle at 10:30 to discuss the plans that were to take place throughout the day. A sunny, smile-filled, pleasurable trip to Jack’s Bay brought cloudless skies and infinite knowledge of man-made disturbances in a fertile and natural habitat, thanks to Remo Velardo. After our knowledge-extravaganza, students took a few hours to freely enjoy some of Eleuthera’s most untouched beaches and only the most Windex-colored waters (sunblock was not optional).

Following these memorable hours spent in Jack’s Bay with my fellow classmates, dinner was black beans and cheddar-cheese lasagna. After we dined, the semester-ly “Commencement Ceremony” was upon us. Graciously-decorated by the Queen of Aesthetics, Pam Maxey, the roof of the cafeteria was the destination of our ceremony, under the dim light of the Bahamian stars, we “signed on” to the Island School pact, that said that our full-fledged commitment was eminent in our futures here at the ‘School. Now that I am thoroughly tired, and it is nearly time for a 10:00 check-in , I have exhausted my jurisdiction as Cacique for the night. Goodbye sweet internet.