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IS Parents Are Busy Saving the Oceans. Alumni–Where Are You?

Island School students leave campus charged with the energy to want to apply what they learned to make a difference in the world. Turns out that some of the best role models for our graduates are…their parents!

Kirsten Dawson (parent F’04, F’06, F’08), Linda Cabot (parent S’11, S’13) and Molly Cramer (parent S’08)

Yesterday Kirsten Dawson (parent F’04, F’06, F’08), Linda Cabot (parent S’11, S’13) and Molly Cramer (parent S’08) attended the Women Working for Oceans (W2O) “Leave only Footprints” event at the New England Aquarium in Boston to learn from marine scientists about establishing and monitoring some amazing habitat: the Phoenix Islands marine protected area in the Pacific ocean. Past events have educated on issues of ocean plastics, the impact of auto emissions on climate change and oceans, as well as “fight with your fork” (choosing sustainable seafood, eco-friendly packaging, and vegetarian option) approaches to addressing climate change. They walk the talk too – the vegetarian lunch by the Aquarium chefs was amazing!

Women Working for Oceans always ends their lecture events with actions steps, so The Island School Continue reading

Women Working for Oceans

Kirsten Dawson (IS Parent F04, F06, F08), is part of a newly formed organization, Women Working for Oceans or W20. The organization was started by a group of women near the Boston area who are concerned about the health of the planet’s oceans and want to do something about it. The mission of W2O is to inform individuals about the challenges facing oceans and inspire action to ensure a healthy, sustainable blue planet for tomorrow. W20 works in partnership with the New England Aquarium, a global leader in marine education and conservation.

Having had several successful events last spring and fall, W2O is gearing up for speaker Dianna Cohen of the Plastics Pollution Coalition to address the serious problem of plastics polluting the oceans. Please see the below Save the Date to their April 10th event. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Save the Date – April 10

For more information about W20, please visit their website: www.womenworkingforoceans.org, or visit them on Facebook. Feel free to contact Kirsten directly at kirsten.m.dawson@gmail.com. Please come join them, get involved, and help build a wave of action for change to help protect our oceans.