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Introduction to the F’11 Biodigestion Research Project

By Tyler Courville and Ihna Mangundayao


Did you know that 5.2 million people die every year from waste related diseases? Now you do! This is a result of irresponsible and inappropriate global waste management – 50% of which is organic and 35% is unsorted recyclables. This is becoming a major problem in both developed and less developed countries with the latter usually suffering the consequences. Developed countries like the US often dump their trash in less developed countries that cannot always meet the waste demands. People have been trying to find alternative ways to dispose of waste more responsibly and sustainably. To solve this crisis, scientists turned to Nature for a solution – creating an emerging field known as biomimicry, which copies Nature’s processes to make the world a better place for humans. From this, a solution arose: Biodigestion. Continue reading

A Little Elbow Grease to Start Off the Morning!


Although this morning was a sleep-in, and therefore a break from morning exercise for The Island School, a few students still participated in a form of morning exercise! Grace, Sam, and Jack all used some elbow grease to help lower the campus wind turbine, which the facilities team had to bring down in order to perform maintenance.  It takes hundreds of cranks for the wind turbine to come all the way down, so their contributions were greatly appreciated.  Check out this video of Grace and Sam cranking away!

Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Kloempken F04!

After six straight years of perseverance, Fall 2004 alum, Dustin Kloempken has finally succeeded in getting six small solar panels installed at his high school!  Ever since Dustin returned from his semester at The Island School in 2004, he has been trying to get his school, Hopkins High School in Minnesota, to consider more eco-friendly practices, like using solar panels.  This feat is just the beginning of what Dustin hopes is a long line of sustainable efforts at Hopkins High School and the surrounding areas.  It is this determination and execution of The Island School’s mission of “leadership effecting change” that we like to see in our alumni after they leave campus.  You can read more about the process Dustin went through to get the solar panels here!  Congratulations, Dustin!