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Student Update April 6, 2013

I realize there hasn’t been a student update in a few days so I’ll jump right into it. Monday, April 1, started with a relaxed morning exercise of capture the flag played across a small ocean cut next to campus. While there was a lot of arguing about who was or wasn’t out, it was a fun way to start off the day. For classes, everybody had Research, Human Ecology, and Art. In Art, we continued to work on our plastics project. Students chose between an art for advocacy piece or an upcycling piece (turning something useless into something useful). The majority of the materials we use is plastic we found on the beaches. Some pretty cool designs are being made. After classes, students had the choice of qurencía or a dive, followed by an hour of exploration time. Although it was April Fools, no major pranks were pulled. That was probably a good thing. It was a pretty relaxed and regular way to start off the week.

Tuesday began with a long distance exercise in our run and swim tracks. Swim track started at Sunset Beach and swam to No Name Harbor and back. The distances have been increasing, and the total swim was around a mile and a half. For run track, there is an extremely long road that goes down most of the island, which is where the actual half-marathon will take place. Runners went for half an hour in one direction, then turned around and ran back to campus. Some of our more experienced runners even went 10 miles in just about an hour. Classes followed exercise, including Marine and Human Ecology. Students continue to go on dives for Marine Eco, and as a follow up to the food unit, Human Ecology classes helped the kitchen staff to prepare dinner this week. On Tuesday night, in celebration of local foods for Human Ecology, we had barbecue chicken from Abaco, invasive lionfish, and coconut cake! It was pretty tasty. However, the most exciting activity of the week occurred on Wednesday morning. Continue reading