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K4 Underway


On Halloween morning, the K4 group departed the Cape for their eight-day voyage. K4 group paddled through the current cut into the Cape Eleuthera Marina and then onto open seas, where they will make their way around the southern part of the island.  This is the last of the groups to make the trip and they are expected to return next Monday.

Bon Voyage!

Godspeed K3!


Halfway through the eight day kayak trip and down island trip rotation, the K3 kayak group departed this morning from Cow Point, Eleuthera. They will be spending four days on the water before embarking on a two-day solo experience. The K1 group finished their trip on Monday and headed down island this morning along with the K4 group. Kayakers in the K2 group were resupplied on Monday and will return to The Island School on Thursday evening.