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Green Farms Academy’s Time at The Island School and CEI

We had the pleasure of hosting two groups from Green Farms Academy as a part of CEI’s Educational Programs this summer for two weeks this summer.


First, a fantastic gang of GFA high school students joined us for 10 days. They participated in all aspects of life here on the Cape, rising with the sun for morning exercise into full days of exploration including trash cleanups, snorkeling, creative writing, helping Joseph plant passion fruit trees on the roof of the wood shop, and collecting wood for Ashley to put in the wood chopper. Some days ended with a camping trip on the beach, a campfire and some tasty s’mores, others with lights out early at, believe it or not, the students request! Morning exercise comes sooner than you think and each day is packed with exciting activities to engage students in sustainability, conservation, and the various Bahamian tropical ecosystems.

The following week a small crew of GFA middle school students stayed for 7 days to soak up island life with us too! Continue reading