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DCMS Early Act Club Gets Chartered

On Thursday, 20 students from Deep Creek Middle School were chartered as the first Early Act Club on Eleuthera. Early Act stands for “early action” and is a service club for primary and middle school children in the family of Rotary International. The students were awarded their charter and pins in front of an audience of about 100 students, family members and guests from The Island School. Read more here.

DCMS Nature Trail Tour

In partnership with the Bahamas Reef Environmental Education Foundation (BREEF), the students of Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) has installed the firsts student created native plants nature trail. Watch as our local DCMS kids give a history of the project and a tour of the trail.  They will soon have a laminated field guide for the trail, so feel free to drop by for a self-guided tour or spend time learning from one of our student experts.

DCMS Grade 9 Learn to Scuba Dive

In SCUBA, I have learned and experienced a lot. I have come to love and enjoy the fun of SCUBA diving. SCUBA has become one of my favorite hobbies. I love the feeling of getting into the water with my classmates and exploring the underwater world of The Bahamas.

My instructors Captain Ron Knight, Karen Knight and Mrs. Walker make diving fun. The Deep Creek Middle School offers us Ninth Graders the opportunities to not only learn to such an interesting subject, but to become certified divers. We also learn about the physics of SCUBA in Science class. All of the equipment is provided by The Island School. Captain Ron and Karen Knight are really great instructors. It has been fun learning from the best. SCUBA diving is a big opportunity for all to explore the underwater world. I’m looking forward to becoming a certified diver.

By: Shaquille Carey

Week 3 of Community Outreach

On Monday September 24th the entire student body of DCMS eagerly ran to the vans parked outside, in excitement for their weekly buddy visit with The Island School students. Together, The Island School students and DCMS students work on a service project for the community. The grade 8 DCMS class and their buddies are focusing on supporting a health initiative by local non-profit One Eleuthera. They are helping One Eleuthera design and conduct educational outreach for the organizations healthy eating and health gardens initiative.  This week the group learned about compost so that they could serve as the experts in later outreach events.


Experts at The Island School were interviewed by the students and provided excellent insight into each projects focus.  The grade 8’s started by working with Joseph, who brought students to “compost land” Continue reading

First Day of Summer Bridge at DCMS

School started this morning for Deep Creek Middle School seventh graders. 14 new students showed up in their starched uniforms, shy but ready for the changes of a new school. DCMS brings in grade sevens for a two week summer bridge program to help them get oriented to the school, teachers and their classmates.  We spend time teaching them the core values, expectations for community behavior, how to do chores, basic organizational skills and how to participate in community meeting.  Teachers also give introductions to their classes and the session culminates with their first field trip and swimming lesson at Wemyss Bight Beach.  School for grade 8 and 9 starts on September 3rd.

Deep Creek Middle School was opened by The Island School in 2001 as a way to give back educational opportunities to the local community.  Check out our webpage at www.dcmsbahamas.org to learn more.