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Dartmouth Island School Alumni Group Gathering!

(Left to Right): Katie Gougelet (S’08), Ben Martin-Katz (S’10), Helena Witte (S’08), Chris Megrue (F’06), Gigi Anderson (S’11), Meeta Prakash (F’07), Eliza Becker (S’11)

Last night, the Island School alumni college group at Dartmouth got together to have dinner and reminisce about their days on Eleuthera, sharing stories from their different semesters. They are also planning on putting an Island School team together and participating in the Relay for Life this spring. Way to go!!

Dartmouth is just one of the many college groups the Island School has throughout the country. If you are curious about the other Island School alumni are at your college or university or want to see if you can start a group of your own, contact alumni@islandschool.org to get started. For a full list of groups and their contact information, check out the alumni page of our website here.

Dartmouth PhD Student Studying Bahamian Lizards at CEI

A PhD student from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Mike Logan, will be on the Island School campus until May 31st collecting data for his research on thermal adaptation in lizards. Mike’s PhD focuses on the response to climate change in lizards, and in the Bahamas he is conducting transplant experiments to examine how traits like the thermal sensitivity of running speed might evolve in response to environmental warming. This May, Mike is capturing roughly 100 individual Anolis sagrei (Bahamian brown anoles) from a shady habitat on the interior of the island, measuring their running speeds as a function of body temperature in the lab, and then releasing them onto a sun-baked peninsula. Each lizard will be individually marked, so that when Mike returns in late August he can recapture all the survivors from the sunny habitat and figure out which lizards were “selected for.”

His hypothesis is that the lizards with the highest thermal tolerance (highest ‘optimal temperature for running’) Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight: Lee Taylor (F’99)

Lee Taylor (F’99), a student at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, is the captain of a Dartmouth team that won the regional finals in Boston for the energy track of the Hult Global Case Challenge. This challenge is a business model/consulting competition intended to improve the success of solar power and lighting technologies in Africa. He and the rest of his team are presenting at the international finals in New York in April. For more information about the Dartmouth team and the Hult Global Case Challenge, you can check out the press release here. Congratulations to Lee and the rest of his team!