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IS Faculty Do Their 2,014 Pushups

The Fall 2014 students posed the week-long CONCHtribution Push Up Challenge to the alumni during the week of October 12. If 70 alumni made a donation to CONCHtribution, the annual alumni giving campaign, in a single week, then the faculty would have to do a collective 2,014 push ups. At the end of the week, 75 alumni had donated which meant it was time for the faculty to drop and give the students (and alumni!) 2,014 push ups!

CONCHtribution 2014 Begins TODAY!

CONCHtribution, the annual alumni giving campaign, begins TODAY! This year it is running from October 1-October 31, so be sure to make your gift before the end of the month. Our goal this year is to reach 33% overall alumni participation and raise $120,000. Check out the campaign website to learn more about the campaign and to make your 2014 CONCHtribution. Thank you to all of our amazing Island School alumni for your support!

CONCHtribution 2013 Has Begun!

Today marks the start of the 2013 CONCHtribution campaign, the annual alumni giving campaign that runs from September 23-November 30 and raises money for the Cape Eleuthera Foundation Annual Fund. This year the theme is Celebrating 15 Years of The Island School. We are so thankful for the support of our alumni over the past 15 years and look forward to another successful year.

For more information on the campaign and how to give, visit our website.

CONCHtribution Has Begun!

CONCHtribution, the annual alumni giving campaign that raises money for the Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s Annual Fund, has officially begun! This year, the theme is Look Back, Give Back. While reflecting upon your experience as an IS student, we encourage you to look through old photos from IS and send a photo of yourself to alumni@islandschool.org, along with a current photo and a short description of where you are and what you’re doing. We will then post them on our new Pinterest page where other alumni can “look back” and be inspired to “give back” to this place that means so much to them. Click here to “Look Back” and here to “Give Back” now! Remember, it’s all about PARTICIPATION!


And The Winner of CONCHtribution 2011 Is…

…click here to find out!

As a collective alumni community, we reached 33% participation and raised over $110,000! Way to go! While we did not meet our goal of 45% overall participation, we did see much improvement from last year’s CONCHtribution campaign. 2010 recorded 32% participation, or 294 alums, raising $103,000. This year, 368 alums donated, which is over 70 more than 2010! We also raised $7,000 more than we did last year! Thank you to all who “Donated Once and Gave Back Twice!” We appreciate your support of The Island School.

Alums Who “Donate Once and Give Back Twice”

As CONCHtribution 2011 comes to a close, we’d like to highlight a few alums who have not only donated to the Cape Eleuthera Foundation Annual Fund, but took that act of giving a step further by making a difference in their community. Here are a few alums who have “Donate Once and Give Back Twice”:

Madeline Hansen (S’07) is helping to build and organize a winter solar greenhouse on her college campus, College of Saint Benedict, in central Minnesota so students can have an opportunity to learn while growing food for the campus cafeteria. So far they have secured the majority of funding and have created all the building plans. Now, they’re just waiting for spring to come to tie up loose ends and start building! Good luck, Madeline!

Tom Weaver (F’06) and his friend have been running a bike co-op at Colorado College. They were granted some money from the school, with which they bought all the major equipment one would find in a bike shop. The co-op is open a few hours every week and Tom and his friend teach CC students and Colorado Springs community members how to fix their own bikes. All the bike mechanics at the co-op are volunteers. Tom says, “Our philosophy includes how fun it is to ride a bike around town, the convenience a bike provides to run nearby errands, the exercise benefits, and the very low carbon impact in the grand scheme of things.” Great work, Tom!

Brit Hastings (S’06) participated in a service day Continue reading

Bates Bobcats Donate Once and Give Back Twice

Bates College has one of our strongest alumni networks, not only in the number of alums that are students there, but also in their presence in the greater community. Last month, Bo Cramer (S08), Owen Minott (S08), Emilie Geisenger (S08), and Lucy Triedman (S10) participated in a 10K as part of The Dempsey Challenge, which raises money for The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine. Together, they raised $2035, but a program called Positive Tracks matched their donations so they raised over $4000! What a PERFECT example of “giving back twice!” Congratulations!

With 2 weeks of CONCHtribution 2011 down, Chris Maxey wants to remind you all to participate and continue on your quest for the Golden Conch…

Kate Gibson (F04) Donates Once and Gives Back Twice!

The theme for this year’s CONCHtribution is Donate Once and Give Back Twice. We are asking alums what they are doing to make an impact in their community once they have made an impact in our Island School community by donating to the Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s annual fund. Check out what Kate Gibson (F04) is doing to give back:

“Currently, I’m very involved in the local community here in NYC. I just became a Girl Scout Troop Leader for 4th and 5th Graders in East Harlem, the Junior Troop! I am working with a friend from college on running the troop for the entire school year. We are going to focus on the environment, and I plan on bringing a lot of Island School curriculum into my troop planning! Continue reading