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Island School Alumni Class Notes 2015

Our Island School alumni have gone on to do some incredible things since their time with us on Eleuthera. Read below to hear about what some of them are up to now! To submit your own class note, email alumni@islandschool.org.


Class Agent: Joshua Lichtman

FALL 1999

Class Agent: Lee Taylor


Class Agent: Monique Johnson

Monique Johnson is training for the Spartan Sprint race in a few weeks. It’s an obstacle course race that involves 5+ kilometers and 15+ obstacles.  It’s the closest thing to an Island School run, bike, swim morning workout. Monique says to all her S’00′ers changing the world one day at a time… keep up the good work and she hopes you are enjoying the liberty of life wherever you are in the world! 

FALL 2000

Class Agent: Richard Woodhull


Class Agent: Nina Kumar

FALL 2001

Class Agent: Mary Coleman Farrell

Meg Bunn will be starting an executive MBA program at UVA’s Darden School of Business this coming fall. She met up with Mary Coleman Farrell in NYC in May. Mary Coleman Farrell recently moved to Richmond, VA with her husband and two children. 

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Island School Alumni Class Notes 2014

Our alumni have gone on to accomplish pretty amazing things since their Island School journey. Scroll down to read about what the past 15 years of IS students have been up to lately. A huge thank you to all the Class Agents for collecting and compiling all of these impressive updates. If you would like to send in your update or are interested in becoming a Class Agent, email alumnI@islandschool.org


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Island School Alumni Class Notes

Get caught up on what your fellow Island School alumni have been up to lately! If you want to send in an update, email alumni@islandschool.org.

SPRING 1999:

Class Agent: Joshua Lichtman

FALL 1999:

Class Agent: Lee Taylor

SPRING 2000:

Class Agent: Monique Johnson

Mike Brown is in the process of moving to Charlotte, NC with his wife Liz and their puppy McKenna. He is starting a new product management job and looking to move from a small apartment to an actual house. Mike looks forward to changing things up and try out a new city and hopes to catch up with fellow Island Schoolers passing through the Charlotte area! Ryan Eavey is pedicabbing in Boston, Austin, and New Orleans. He is also working at Hubway this summer. Monique Johnson is in the process of applying to business school and is looking forward to the summer. Suzy Newbury is finishing up her Ph.D. She got to see Andy Monk in LA this past fall, and spent some quality time with Chris, Pam, and Christian at Francesca Forrestal’s wedding. Fun times! Elizabeth Rosenberg is still in NYC, living downtown and working in merchandising for J. Crew. Elizabeth and her mother, Dee, went on a girls surfing trip to Costa Rica in March which was really fun. In a few weeks, they are going away with her father to Greece and Turkey in a few weeks which should also be a cool adventure! She loves living in the Big Apple but not curing any diseases quite yet…Abby (Jenkins) Watson moved to Madison, Wisconsin with her husband in 2012 but recently moved back to Portland, Oregon. She workw for a cycling apparel company called Rapha and spends most of her free time cycling.

FALL 2000:

Class Agent: Richard Woodhull

Andrew Thaler received his PhD in Marine Science and Conservation from Duke University last August and is Continue reading