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Apprentice Profile: Serrano Gibson

Serrano Gibson of Wemyss Bight joins us at on campus as part of the  apprentice programme this summer, working under Marco. Below are some of his thoughts on working here:

As a summer employee at The Island School, I am working with an intelligent hard working young man name Marco. I’m helping him with making bio-diesel fuel out of used cooking oil, which is used in vehicles instead of diesel purchased at a service station. I am also cleaning the diesel tanks so that the new fuel can be clean and just right. The bio-diesel is inexpensive, reliable and eco friendly to our environment.

We are also on the road a vast amount of time making stops at different restaurants on the island picking up bottles of cooking oil that the restaurants no longer need to make the bio diesel and replacing the empty bottles with new ones to refill. It’s a long days work. We sometime end up in Harbor Island. This is a great experience for me.

Alumni Spotlight–Evan Lutvak S10!

After concentrating on the production of biodiesel for his final Human Ecology project last semester, Evan Lutvak returned home and continued working toward his goal: to run his own car off of biodiesel.  Recently, we received this update from Evan:

“I have made a large, ten liter batch using the small processor I made out of a 25 gallon rainwater collegting jug and a paint mixer. I put a nozzle on the bottom for easy draining, and it worked like a charm. I am now looking into ways to make the process even more efficient. The fuel is working very well in the car, and it reminds me of The Island School vans every morning when I smell the exhaust.”

Evan is a great example of The Island School’s vision of “Leadership effecting change.”  Way to go Evan!  We are so proud to have you as part of our alumni community!